Say farewell in your own words



The hardest word to say is goodbye....

We all have a story to tell so why not say it your way. How would it feel to be able to say goodbye in your words with the memories that are important to you? Share the special moments from your life and the pearls of wisdom so those treasured moments are not lost with a self eulogy. While the love of your friends and family is always present, saying goodbye in your own way can highlight the moments that made their love special to you.



We will professionally edit together your treasured memories, photo's and music into a fitting tribute that can be shared when your loved ones gather to say goodbye or even replayed when they are missing you the most.

Image by Caleb Jones

If you would like us to join you in this very personal statement of your life, contact us below and we will share what we need to make this happen as well as pricing. We want to make your Goodbye Stories a gift that will be handed down through generations as a record of your life.


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